Peter Arkell, Managing Director

Peter Arkell first came to China in the mid 1990’s, with an American management consulting company. He has been living in Shanghai since 2004. He is the Chairman of AustCham Shanghai, was the founding Chairman of the Global Mining Association of China and Chairman of the Oriental Mining Club

Zhang Jing, Head of Research

Zhang Jing has been the Head of the Asia Research Unit for an international consulting company for more than ten years. Graduating with a masters degree from the UK, she has run a number of significant research assignments that included industry specific salary surveys, a global executive drift analysis and a HR due diligence study of an international company to be acquired by a Chinese investor.
Jing’s skills in uncovering information and applying that to business is a rare skill. As a HR professional, she has also delivered meaningful consulting advice including made Her experience is international, having worked in North America, Australia in addition to China.

Jim Marron – Associate, Industry & Business Analyst

Jim Marron is the person to rely on when independent analysis is required.
He has a background in applied science and experience as an independent analyst since 1990.
Jim has been on the ground in China since 2001 conducting studies into most aspects of the mineral and processing supply chain, involving a wide variety of metals, chemicals and agribusiness.
He consults to businesses and regulators involved in global commodities and base metals, all of whom are looking for independent views.