The Bund, Shanghai, China

The Bund, Shanghai, China

The emergence of China as a place to do business and as a country investing abroad has been an historic shift in the way the world operates. Over the past 20 years demand from China for resources, be they natural resources, food, intellectual property, or talent has seen a massive shift in the economic relationships around the world.

Central to all of this change has been the way that people adapt and capitalize on the opportunities that have been created.

Carrington Day is a HR firm that was formed in China with professionals who understand both sides of the business environment; the Chinese and the international organisations.

Success in business in countries away from the home base is dependent on how well the people fit into that foreign business culture. Not only is there the business culture of that foreign country, there is the culture of corporation that needs to be understood.

Since the early 2000’s the people at Carrington Day have partnered with international companies as they have built their China presence and with Chinese companies as they have gone abroad.

Carrington Day is the best HR partner for those companies that appreciate effective communication across their business in the different and challenging cultural settings.